Acupuncture and Natural Remedies for Seasonal Allergies

The trees are looking beautiful, as they turn to brilliant golds and reds. Many of us wonder how such a lovely display can cause our sinuses so much trouble! The good news is that there are natural ways to alleviate seasonal allergies without side effects.

Fall is a great time to visit your acupuncturist for a tune-up. There are multiple acupuncture points on the body that help to open up the sinuses and relieve pressure. Tiny needles placed gently over your sinuses have the ability to immediately increase your ability to breathe. Regular treatments keep allergic symptoms in check or prevent them from starting all together.

The neti pot is deemed magic by many an allergy sufferer. To get an idea of the process, check out a video on youtube. It may look strange at first, but your sinuses will thank you for it and you too will become a believer! Always follow directions to insure a clean and sterile neti pot.

Dietary modifications will come in handy with the spring bloom to help reduce phlegm and mucous. What are the most basic modifications? Reduce your intake of sugar, dairy, and anything cold. Yes, cold food does include ice cream and iced coffee. It also includes too many raw fruits and vegetables. Consider cooking your veggies for a few minutes before eating to help your system with easier digestion.

To end on a sweet note, let me mention honey! When using honey to reduce allergies, it is important to get local honey and eat it raw – not in tea or any other hot beverage. Take 2 tsp starting in January to see the benefits in the following spring. Yum!

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