Changes to our fees

Since we started our clinic nearly 3 years ago, we have offered our patients affordable acupuncture treatments on a sliding scale. Sliding scale fees are pretty rare in our society. They offer people the flexibility of paying what they can afford based on the fee range.

After nearly 3 years in business and after giving this much thought, we’ve decided to simplify things and have a fixed price for our services. We also strive to stay true to our goal of keeping treatments affordable, since it’s also pretty rare to have acupuncture treatments covered under health insurance plans.

Starting July 1st, we will change our fees to the following:
New Patients to SSCA: $50 (includes consultation and treatment)
Returning patients to SSCA: $30
Herbal Consult: $30 + cost of herbs
Missed Appointment Fee: Cost of treatment (please give us 24 hours notice if you have to cancel)

We will still offer the option of purchasing multiple treatments in advance (packages) at the rates posted above. If you currently have pre-purchased acupuncture treatments, you can use them whenever – they do not expire and we will honor them at the price that was originally purchased.

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