Ear Plugs, Anyone?

Recently, we’ve had a few patients comment on noise level in our clinic, which prompted us to blog about this topic.

First and foremost, our clinic is a community acupuncture clinic. It’s a clinic where people come together to get well, rest and feel better for an affordable price. Because we do acupuncture in a community, or group setting, we try to keep noise to a minimum but – on occasion – noise may be an issue. Noise could be us (the acupuncturists) bringing patients in and out of the treatment room, it could be someone settling into their chair or table and yes, patients can get so relaxed during treatment that sometimes they fall asleep and snore!

It is important to us that our patients be comfortable during treatment; however, we also want to make everyone aware that yes, sometimes noise happens in a group setting. We also have a relatively small treatment room so noise can be a little more amplified in our space. We try our very best to control the amount of noise in the treatment room, which is why we try to do most of the talking outside of the room. We also encourage you, our patients, to please be mindful of the other patients resting and speak softly in the treatment room. If you are wearing items that you have to unzipper or un-velcro, please remove these items outside of the room.

If noise is still an issue for you, please feel free to bring your iPod and earbuds so that you can tune out any external clinic noise (don’t forget to turn the ringer off if your music player also serves as your phone). We also have a huge tub of ear plugs for purchase before your treatment. They are located right outside of our clinic door and cost just $.50/pair. Please help yourselves to the earplugs and just leave us a couple of quarters!

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