Pediatric Acupuncture at SSCA

vonnegutResearch completed in 2000 at Boston’s Children’s Hospital found that acupuncture treatments helped relieve symptoms of chronic pain in pediatric patients.

Pediatric acupuncture can seem unfamiliar and even scary to both patients and parents alike. Usually the major cause for concern with pediatric patients (and even adults) is the fear of needles. What is helpful to know is the size of the needles is very small. Some patients do not even feel the insertion. At South Shore Community Acupuncture, we have a special room where our pediatric patients are treated with their parents by their side which can help ease the anxiety surrounding the treatment. Children under the age of 7 can also receive Shonishin, which is a non-insertive acupuncture technique.

Young patients living with a variety of symptoms find relief with regular treatments. Unlike medication, acupuncture does not have any side effects and has been shown to reduce symptoms. Generally patients feel a sense of relaxation and may even take a nap.

Acupuncture treatments with children last about 20 minutes. Some common pediatric ailments that we treat at South Shore Community Acupuncture are colic, headaches, digestive issues, asthma, ear infections, chronic cough, eczema and emotional imbalances. 

Next time you come in, bring your child for a treatment. South Shore Community Acupuncture’s experience and space can accommodate you and your family, and can help promote better health and wellness.

Kemper KJ, Sarah R, Silver-Highfield, Xiarhos E, Barnes L, Berde C.  On pins and needles? Pediatric pain patients’ experience with acupuncture. Department of Pediatrics, Harvard Medical School, and the Center for Holistic Pediatric Education and Research, Children’s Hospital, Boston, Massachusetts.  2000 Apr;105(4 Pt 2):941-7.

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