Sandal Weather Doesn’t Have to Mean Heel Pain

Plantar fasciitis is inflammation of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. This tissue is called the plantar fascia. It connects the heel bone to the toes and creates the arch of the foot. When inflamed, it causes pain at the heel that varies from sharp to dull and is normally worse in the morning. Walking can become painful. As the summer weather brightens our days, sandals and flip flops find their way out of the closet and onto our feet. For some, this means the return of heel and foot pain.

Acupuncture brings relief to irritated plantar fascia with the placement of tiny needles that help release tight muscles and bring greater blood flow to the area. Plantar fasciitis can be stubborn to treat, so community acupuncture is well suited to help those suffering with this condition. South Shore Community Acupuncture, with it’s sliding scale, allows patients to come 2-3 times a week if needed. As the pain reduces, treatments will be less frequent.
You can help yourself at home too. Check out these easy exercises and massage techniques. See how you feel afterwards.

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