The Skinny on Acupuncture and Weight Loss

Acupuncture often makes its way into mainstream media with stories involving weight loss.  As acupuncturists, we see many patients come through the clinic doors looking for support around weight and digestive issues. Although acupuncture can not offer someone a “quick fix” for weight loss, the good news is that, yes, it can help you to achieve your goal in optimizing health and wellness.   Here are some ways acupuncture works in supporting patients along their road to losing weight.

Digestive issues can prevent people from processing food in an even manner. Patients may find that food sits in their stomach a little too long leading to bloating. Conversely, other patients may find that food may move too quickly through their digestive system. Acupuncture focuses on regulating digestion so that the body takes what it needs from food and excretes what is unnecessary in a controlled manner.

When the digestive system operates in a more balanced manner, patients may feel a change in their appetite. The once ravenous appetite may become more subtle. Acupuncture also can help with the food cravings and possible over-consumption that people may experience.

Another cause of excess weight can be water retention. The body may be holding excess fluids which can contribute to difficulty in regulating one’s weight. There are specific points that are used to help support the body in efficiently processing these fluids.

Fatigue can make the addition of a regular exercise routine challenging. Acupuncture treatments that focus on balancing your whole system can help to create more energy. The points used in such treatments stimulate your body’s system to operate in a more efficient manner.

All in all, acupuncture is a powerful tool to support you as you work towards optimal health and wellness.

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