Can Acupuncture Help Tendonitis?

As spring rolls in, and people are getting back outside doing the activities they love, we acupuncturists begin to see more patients complaining of chronic injuries flaring up and new, acute injuries. Acupuncture has a long history of being very effective for many pain complaints. Some pain conditions are easier to treat than others. Tendonitis tends to be one of the conditions that can be more of a challenge, especially when it has become a chronic or recurrent concern. The majority of pain concerns need a series of acupuncture treatments to reach an adequate level of relief. Once relief is achieved, patients should consider the body mechanics that led to their injury. Some patients may benefit from monthly tune-ups to prevent further injuries.

While tendonitis is tricky, acupuncture “has shown considerable promise for the treatment of tendonitis”, as stated by NYU Langone Medical Center. Read their report on numerous small studies here. The studies show that the intensity of pain is often reduced and mobility is increased. It is best to allow time for your tenons to repair. Yes, this means that you will need to stop or reduce activities that inflame or aggravate the issue. It’s hard when the sun is shinning and the chill begins to shift to a warm glow. But be strong. We believe in  you. And when you need our help with that pesky pain, we will be here for you. Visit our website or give us a call (617.845.0544) to schedule that much needed appointment.

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