Feeling sniffley? Some advice on staying healthy this fall with acupuncture!

Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine view the body as one organism that operates like a machine with many interacting parts. When everything is working smoothly, you feel good! When one part of your machine slows down or speeds up, you start to feel the whole machine being taxed.

As acupuncturists, some of the interacting parts we look at are your symptoms (i.e. runny nose), diet, stress and sleep. Acupuncture is a holistic medicine so everything that you put into your body is important and directly related to how you feel all the way from the coffee to the stressful day at work.

With that in mind, some helpful tips on keeping your machine ready and running efficiently:

-Regular acupuncture can support your body’s immune system to help prevent  seasonal allergic responses such as runny nose, itchy eyes and headaches. Acupuncture also benefits patients in building up our immune defenses to the common cold.

-In Chinese Medicine, dairy and sugar can slow down the natural processes within the body. Some folks may feel a little more phlegm after ingesting dairy products. Others may feel sluggish after having too much sugar. To avoid this, when you are feeling congested, try eliminating or decreasing your dairy and sugar intake and see if there is a change. You may find that your congestion and other symptoms are not as pronounced without it! There are many acupuncture points throughout the body that specifically work to decrease phlegm and build up your immune system.

– Remember to incorporate regular exercise into your routine. Anything from walking around your neighborhood to taking aerobics classes can help your body to keep things moving. There are acupuncture points that facilitate moving blood, easing muscle tension and allowing a balanced flow of energy throughout your body. Exercise is a nice compliment to acupuncture and vice versa!

Let acupuncture ease you into health this fall!

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