Maintaining Good Health Through the Holidays

With the holidays in full swing, taking good care of our bodies isn’t exactly on the forefront of our minds.  When the temperatures start to dip and the wind starts to whip, our bodies can be more susceptible to contracting an illness. Here at the clinic, this is typically around the time we start to hear about patients coming down with or recovering from colds, sinus infections or flu.

What is important to remember is prevention is the best medicine.  Just like when you take your car for regular tune-ups and oil changes, our bodies need regular maintenance to help keep our immune system healthy in an effort to prevent illness. This is especially true around the holidays, when we’re stressed, overeating (and maybe overdrinking), busy cleaning the house, preparing meals, shopping for gifts, attending holiday parties, etc.

Getting regular acupuncture treatments is one way of making sure your system stays intact during the holidays.   Acupuncture helps to keep the immune system working properly by regulating endorphin levels. When endorphin levels are maintained, we are typically pain-free, healthy and feeling well. Acupuncture also helps stimulate the “rest and digest” function of the parasympathetic nervous system, which helps maintain stress levels. High stress levels have been shown to suppress our immune systems, which in turn leads to illness.

In the spirit of the season of giving, the best thing you can do for your body is to give yourself the gift of good health.  Eat well, sleep well and get the most out of the holiday season by staying healthy, happy and stress-free.

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