Here are some of our testimonials:

“I love SSCA – Great acupuncturists, easy to make appointments and I always feel better when I leave.”

“Acupuncture is… an important part of my personal wellness plan so I can stay healthy and energetic for work and life! Thanks Jen and Mira.”

“You gals (Jen and Mira) are amazing and so kind! Thanks for all you do!”

“Great people!”

“I love the atmosphere. I love the practitioners. I love the schedule. I love the location. I love the price. I love the professionalism.”

“I came to SSCA in the spring/summer of 2013, almost weekly, for treatments related to infertility.  I started an IVF cycle in August and had a successful embryo transfer in September.  We are expecting our first baby in June!  I have had a very healthy and enjoyable pregnancy so far and I know that the acupuncture played a role in helping us to conceive.”

“I enjoy the friendliness of the staff first and foremost.”

“I like the convenience of online booking and the availability of appointments. I love the fact that you offer a sliding scale for payments. I am lucky I can  afford to pay more but there are others who can really benefit from acupuncture but wouldn’t otherwise go due to cost.”

“Close to home and great price. The practitioners are wonderful.”

“I am so pleased with my acupuncture treatments…it has helped so much with my pain.  You both are the absolute best! So happy to have this wonderful place every week.”

“Friendly, knowledgeable practitioners. Not a long wait to be seen, and most of all the benefits of acupuncture at a  price I can finally afford.”