The Herbal Anti-Flu: Be Prepared.

The last time I had the flu was about ten years ago. I was in awe at how very bad you can feel in your body from something as simple and widespread as the flu. Since having the flu, I am much better at heeding the warning signs that my body offers, like a stratchy throat or the beginnings of body aches.
Chinese herbal medicine does a wonderful job at the early onset of illness or preventing illness from going deeper in the body. First signs of illness look different for different people, so the first step is getting in tune with your own body’s red flags. Once you have those, grab your herbs and start a regimen of kicking the flu or illness out before it sets in. It is always best to contact your herbalist before starting herbs or to ask them to prescribe some herbs for you to have on hand should you start to feel illness sneaking up on you.
A very common formula for early onset of illness is Yin Qiao. This is a formula that I always have on hand. I bring it with me on trips and feel confident sharing it with even my youngest family members should they start fall ill.
If the illness starts to establish itself, I move on to another formula called Zhong Gan Ling.  This formula works on a deeper level and is great at preventing a more severe illness or shortening the duration of the current illness. I have many patients that come to me complaining of recurrent illnesses that land in their chest, giving them a deep, thick cough that lingers. I have prescribed both of the above formulas and my patients no longer get the chesty colds and flu that they have had for years. These formulas are good stuff and are some of the favorites in my herbal pharmacy!

Dosage during times of illness generally increases. Again, this is a great time to call your practitioner to see how you should be taking your herbs to have the results you want and the safety you need. The above formulas should only be taken for short periods of time.

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