Why Did You Put That Needle There?

When patients start receiving acupuncture treatments, they usually have a lot of questions. This is a natural reaction, as acupuncture is something that is typically very foreign to people in the United States. Placing needles in people (especially in places that have nothing to do with the condition(s) that patients come in for) generally raises questions like, “why are you putting that needle there?”, why do I feel some points but not others?”, “how long should I stay during treatment?”, “is acupuncture good for __________?”, etc.

In our busy, community-style clinic, we typically don’t have a lot of extra time to spend talking with patients and answering questions. Fortunately, our community acupuncture colleague, Andy Wegman, who owns Manchester Acupuncture Studio in both Manchester, NH and Nashua, NH, wrote this wonderful book called Why Did You Put That Needle There? to address these questions. You can download this book (and its audio component) for free here. It is also available for purchase online at Amazon.

If you find yourself having lots of questions about your specific treatment, you can always speak with either Jen or Jess as time allows, and we are always available by phone or email. For other, more general questions about acupuncture, definitely check out Andy’s book – it’s a quick, informative read that addresses many common questions about acupuncture (and community acupuncture). We will also be re-ordering a few copies for our waiting area, too!

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